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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Read al fresco!

We live in Western Washington, it rains very often here and one thing I can tell is that my family and I don't take nice days for granted, specially me being from Brazil.

I try to be outside with my kids as often as possible, sometimes we can't go to the park or the beach because of the baby's nap or the little man's schedule (swimming, sports, etc), so what do we do? Well, we go to our backyard, even when the grass is all overgrown like right now. LOL (Come on husband! *wink*)

When I proposed to the little man to read al fresco he got so excited, he wanted to help gather the things and go. I grabbed one blanket and gave him the other one, he chose 12 books for me to read and I made us some popcorn. We had a delightful time, even our dog sat with us.

So enjoy the Summer and bring an inside activity out and read al fresco!


  1. Fun! What a great memory you are creating for both your children (and the dog). :-)


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