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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Seattle Great Wheel

We are not going on a big Summer vacation this year, so I have been looking for local fun things for us to do. One of the things in my Summer bucket list was to go to the Seattle Great Wheel, that recently opened.

I am so glad I purchased the tickets online and printed them out, the line to buy tickets was insanely long, but the line to ride the wheel wasn't bad at all.

If you live around here, you should definitely go ride it, if you are not, come visit! There are lots of things to do around here.

This is the view of Seattle from the top of the wheel. The gondolas were heated, it was pretty cool, my son LOVED it, we could not get a picture of him looking at the camera, he was too busy looking around and when we were on our way home he was already asking if we could go ride the ferris wheel again another day. ;)


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