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Monday, July 23, 2012

Tie Dye Socks

Does your kid have white socks that no matter how much you wash or even bleach they never look sparkling white? Well, mine certainly does! 

I have a solution: tie dye those suckers, I meant socks. LOL

You will need:

- white cotton socks
- yarn & scissors OR rubberbands
- squeeze bottles
- acrylic paint

Tie your socks firmly in a few spots. Mix one part of acrylic paint, one part of water in a squeeze bottle and paint your little heart out!

This was a spontaneous craft, so we just made it work with what we had, no tie dye kit, nothing brand new to dye.

It was raining outside, so we did our painting indoors using a big cardboard box, so there was no mess to clean up other the wash the squeeze bottles.

Wait until your socks are dry, cut the yarn, wash them by hand and don't mix them with other clothing until you're sure the colors won't bleed anymore.


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