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Monday, July 30, 2012

Toilet Paper Tube Cars

Well, once again Pinterest delivered. Yep, I go there and look for a kid inspired project and boom! 

The project of choice was toilet paper tube cars, I have no idea what the original post said, it was in a foreign language and I was too lazy to get it translated, so I just winged it.  

I decided to paint the tubes with acrylic paint instead of covering it with paper, the paint was already out, so why not? Then I cut a rectangle with an exacto knife and folded it to make a "seat".

 Then I cut the circles out of construction paper and glue little squares with numbers on the sides. That's pretty much it.

It was cute that the little man told me that the silver car was my husband's (he drives a silver truck) and he said the orange was my car (I drive a red SUV). So cute!


  1. Great idea! I like it! I hope we will try to make some too soon! We are using toilet paper tubes too for constructing conduit and colored some just for fun! I never thought before to make the car from them!
    Regards from Zagreb, Irena


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