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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Water Beads Sensory Fun

Ever since I saw a picture of a pair of little hands playing with water beads I knew I had to get some to have my little man put his own little hands on them and boy, oh boy, he really loved them.

Why did he love those water beads? Well, because he loves playing with water, he loves squishing things, he loves colorful stuff, he loves trying new things!

I bought mine from eBay, I paid $1.55 (free shipping) for 10 little bags and they were called Crystal Mud Soil Water Beads, in case you intend to buy some, too.

They start out tiny and grow completely in 4 hours. It's fun to watch how they change, but not as fun as touching them. I have to confess that I played with them a little bit, too. LOL

Now that the play is over I'll put them in a clear glass vase and get some flowers, so we can look at them some more. 


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