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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Drawing with cars

I'm sorry to be missing in action lately, but things were crazy busy here. Saturday was my husband's birthday and we went out on Friday night to a super cool dinner theater in Seattle called Teatro Zinzanni (look it up!), on Saturday my brother-in-law hosted a BBQ at his house and on Sunday we had our friend's son's birthday party to attend. Add to that 23 orders for apple cozies and several hats, kids to take care of, chores, cooking. Yeah, I know you get the picture.

Anyways, I am still crafting with my little man, but sometimes I don't have time to photograph what we do, when I think of it, we are already done, but here is something we did this week: Drawing with cars. Little man LOVED it!

I attached markers using painters tape to his little race cars and gave him some paper. He went to the toy box to look for more cars and told me that this was a really good idea. I sometimes could burst with joy, I tell ya.


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