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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Face Paint = Fun!

Face painting doesn't need to be something you just get to do when you go to a fair, right? In fact, my son had never gotten his face painted before because every time we are at a fair the lines are way too long and we end up just walking away.

My mother-in-law owns a costume shop, she has been selling face painting supplies for years, so I knew where to go to get what I needed. There are a lot of different types of face paint, crayon type, some are ready to go on the face kinda like eyeliners, but I got a Snazaroo kit, with basic colors, I thought it was perfect for our needs.

 Then I typed "facepainting" on Pinterest and lots of pictures came up, the little man chose some designs and I got to "work". Now when we are bored, this is what we do!


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