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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fall and Crochet

Fall is fast approaching and that is my busiest time as far as crocheting goes. The climate cools, people start thinking about hats and also Christmas presents. With that said, please forgive me if I don't around to blog as often, I have been keeping my hands busy with the crochet hook. 

Here are some new things I added to my shop:

Pumpkin Bonnet:

Chevron Bonnet in a different color (I totally need to make a rainbow one!):

Candy Corn Cutie:

Folded Brim Button Beanie:

Clown Bonnet (One of my favorites of all times):


Mini Treat Bag (Isn't it such a cute idea?!):

Scalloped Hat with Short Tassels:

What's your favorite?


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