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Monday, August 27, 2012

Gross-Out Olympics

 Last week I took the little man to a gross-out olympics and he had a blast!

You could totally do a gross-out olympics play date and I am sure you would be the coolest mom EVER!

Some activities they did were:

- partner up and throw a raw egg back to each other until it broke
- have your face covered in whip cream and your friend toss cheetos so they stick to your face
- finger paint with pudding (picture above)
- contest to see who makes the biggest bubble gum ball
- drool into a cup (really gross!)
- close your eyes and try to grab a toy snack from a gross bucket (the bucket had water mixed in with soggy cheerios, marshmallows, etc)
- uncover the image at the bottom of a paper plate that has been filled with chocolate syrup, using only your face/mouth (picture below)
- make sure to run through the sprinkler between activities to get cleaned up! ;)

Have fun!


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