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Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspired Again

For a good while I felt like I was in a creative funk, I couldn't think of anything new to crochet and I didn't really want to crochet much, which is weird, because I love crocheting!

Well, I am happy to say that the creative funk is gone! I have so many ideas flowing in my head that some days I have a hard time falling asleep just thinking of all the new things I want to make.

Here are some of the new items I have recently added to my website:

A basket wagon photography prop that my husband made (I put that man to work, I tell ya! hehe):

I also revisited my Turkey pattern and created a girly version of the turkey hat:

 Mr. or Mrs. Gingerbread hat:

 Ghost hat:

 A mini witch hat:

A spider web hat (I made several of these in different color combos, little man loves it!):

 And the Sam hat (I also made this hat in several different color combos, for my kids):

I hope I put a smile on your face!


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