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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Insta Life

I haven't posted a lot about things we do other than craft projects lately, but I was overwhelmed thinking how to write a post about so many things without boring you guys to death, but I had an idea when I grabbed my phone to take a picture with Instagram. Why not share some of my instagram pictures? So, here we go!

This one I took at Kobayashi Park, it's a hidden treasure, beautiful park in the middle of the city:

This one I took while I was walking across the Narrows Bridge with my husband, son and daughter. This was the view from the bridge:

 Here are the Narrows Bridges (they connect the cities of Tacoma and Gig Harbor) and you can see the little man standing in the glider board of the stroller:

 A giraffe I drew on the little man's hand to keep him entertained one of these nights...

On a different day I made an elephant... LOL

A U-cut lavender farm we went to in Vashon Island while we were there for their annual Strawberry Festival. It was gorgeous and the smell was simply fabulous!

A pretty mosaic booth at the Strawberry Festival:

My husband and son exploring the low tide at Titlow Beach:

Our backyard porch on a Summer day:

My little man running on the beach (Grayland, WA):

The view from the restaurant Boathouse 19 in Day Island where I went with some friends to a mom's night out:

The kayak my husband and I rented on out 7th anniversary last month. We went from Owen Beach to Vashon Island, it was my first time kayaking and it was a lot of fun, just my husband and I together celebrating our love.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to be 33 and I am thinking about writing a post about me, so this is your last chance to ask some questions and I will answer them tomorrow, don't be shy and help me make a fun post!


  1. Lots of lovely adventures over the summer. :-)

    Happy early birthday wishes to you as well!

  2. Happy birthday :-) Hm a question...are there crocheted things you've made for yourself and use often?
    Anyway, I have a 'gift' for you, your website is 'weblog of the month' at my Dutch website www.kralen.com You can see it on http://www.kralen.com/Tips/Links/Weblog%20van%20de%20maand/429/ .


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