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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apple Squeeze Event = FAIL

Today my little family and I went to Curran Apple Orchard in University Place, WA to attend their Cider squeeze event, as you know from reading my blog, we like to find different kid friendly activities to do as a family, but this one... what a disappointment.

We arrived at 1PM and started picking apples, which wasn't the easiest task because the majority of the apples that were left on the trees were either diseased or had worm holes, but I have a handy husband and he was lifting our little man up high to reach for apples.

At about 2:40 we tried to get in line to get our apples squeezed and a lady named Debbie didn't allow us, she put taped a sign that said "line closed" in the cart of the lady in front of us. My husband and I begged her to let us squeeze the apples we picked, but she refused. 

Our argument was that there were no signs ANYWHERE nor the people at the information booth let us know that the line would close so early and we wouldn't be able to make cider. The whole point of us going there was for our little man to see how the cider was made, how the press worked... but no... they really lacked in organization, they should have let people know that even though the event was from 1 to 4PM, you should be in line by 2:30 for example. HOWEVER they said "wash apples by 3PM"... huh? what for? to bring home clean apples? the lady didn't let us get in line for crying out line.

The little man left the event crying, I left the event disappointed, mad, sad... I almost cried, too. It's just not fun to see your kid like that.

One thing I know: I won't be going next year, or for that matter EVER.


  1. ugh! what's with people these days???? freaky, yesterday something similar happened to me.
    Big J's immunization was due yesterday so I went right after picking her up from school, (1:30 pm) and when we got there the nurse didn't want to apply the vaccine because "her shift ended at 2 pm and she had already put the vaccine away". It was 1:40, the hospital is three blocks from the school. Finally she gave in and I thought she had to pick the vaccine from the storage (next building) since she was so insistent that she had already put it away: she just opened a mini fridge next to her desk and retrieved the vaccine. I was so annoyed. We came out of the building and it was barely 2 pm.


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