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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Crochet Mary Janes

My baby girl does not like to keep her socks on, it's pretty much a waste of time to put socks on her because she takes them off pretty much instantly. She had a pair of Robeez (leather shoes with soft soles made by Stride Rite) and they were awesome, the stayed in her feet and looked super cute. However they got too small and I haven't gotten her a new pair yet.

I feel bad for taking her to places with no shoes, even though she doesn't walk yet, it might be silly of me, but I feel like a bad mom, I feel like people will think I forgot to put shoes on her, that I got out of the house in a hurry or something... LOL.

So I did what I have been thinking about doing for awhile, I made her a pair of crochet Mary Janes, the funny part is that I started with a pattern for a pair of boots, but I didn't like the pattern at all and ended up making it into a pair of Mary Janes and we both like it!


  1. those are so cute!!!!! wish I'd thought of that with my own... they never kept their shoes or socks on!


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