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Sunday, September 30, 2012


I know it's Sunday, but I am here to tell you about my Saturday. I know I am skipping a whole bunch of days since my last post, but nothing super interesting happened before to write about... LOL

I got up at 4:00 AM on Saturday, got dressed and left the house to pick my mother-in-law up and from her house we headed to Portland, Oregon to participate in "The Color Run" a super fun 5K race where they throw a different color powder at you every kilometer (blue, orange, pink, yellow and green)

(This is a color run video from you tube for you to have an idea)

The freeway exit to the race was blocked off, so we drove in circles several times trying to find our way, it was a little stressful, but once we asked someone for directions, we were on track again and the fun begun.

I got tell you again how thankful I am for having a cell phone with a camera because I certainly wouldn't be able to run with a heavy camera around my neck!

Here are some pictures I took after the race:

There were lots of people wearing tutus, fairy wings and even wedding gowns! The only requirement is to wear white and believe me, there were 15,000 people wearing white - pretty amazing. See the cloud of colored powder in the picture below?

Here we are, my mother-in-law and I. You can't see in this picture, but my hair was orange and yellow, I had so much orange inside my year.... LOL

By the way, I felt awesome this time, I didn't struggle to finish the race and my pace was great, a lot of improvement since I started running on May 1st.

When I got home my son came running to greet me (the baby was napping) and I came in to find a clean house! How nice is that? I never asked my husband to clean anything up, but he said he wanted me to come back and find the house the same way he always finds it when he gets home from work. Awwww, I love him.

I took a much needed shower and then we all went to the beach to skip rocks for a little bit and then back to home to cook/eat dinner.

 After the kids were in bed I went out to meet with a couple of friends for a girls night out. My first instinct was not to go because I was gone all morning and part of the afternoon due to the race, but when I mentioned to my husband that my friends were planning a girls night out he told me I should go and celebrate my race. Yeah, I lucked out, I have a wonderful hubby.

And look, look I am wearing a hat I made for myself! ;)


  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing event! I'm glad you were able to share that experience with your MIL too. My race is Saturday. Wish me luck! :-)

  2. What a super Saturday! I bet you went to bed extremely happy.


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