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Monday, October 22, 2012


Oh, life is full at the moment and I haven't had a lot of time on my hands to sit down and blog. I miss blogging, so right now while dinner is on the stove (fajitas) and the kids are in the living room for a brief moment playing, I am here to write.

I received an early present from my father-in-law, a Nook (a tablet from Barnes & Noble) and I have been reading like a mad woman. I am on my 3rd book this week. I read at night while the baby is falling asleep in my arms or during her nap, but it's being hard not using that time to crochet, which in turn I have been doing in the wee hours, which in turn I have been tired and sleepy, but oh I am happy because I feel so accomplished.

The picture above was taken yesterday. We went out to grab some lunch, it was a cold, but magnificent day out. We ate clam chowder to keep our bodies warm and enjoyed the view of the Puget Sound while we ate. 

Now I better go, I want to stay and write more, but I just received a message from a customer that I sent her the wrong hat, which is something that I have never done before, I am so bummed because that means someone else is going to receive a hat that was meant to this person... so I better hurry up and make new hats to send them, I can't just sit down and wait for them to return my hats, it was my mistake after all. 



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