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Friday, October 5, 2012

Mason Jar Snow Globes

I was going to start this post by saying when we made these snow globes, but to be honest I don't remember! I am guessing it was in the beginning of the week, but I have been so busy that I can't keep track of anything these days... LOL

Anyways, I got some automobile glue because it's a water proof type of glue and the price was awesome (less than $4.00!) and we used the mason jars we already had, so we dug through the toy box to find toys that fit inside and we were lucky enough to find a Woody and Jessie from an "old" lego set.

The glue was my job and the toys were left to cure for overnight, since the instructions were to leave it alone for 6 hours.

So the next morning, the little man was thrilled to have his turn helping. He put the glitter and the water inside of the mason jars, then I put some more glue to close the jars shut and we had to wait 6 more hours to have the snow "globes" ready and we love them!


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