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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brazil 2012

Well, I have vanished from this blog for a reason, I am in Brazil visiting my family and before we came, I was crazy busy preparing for our trip. 5 weeks away with two little kids is no joke - lots to pack, lots of things needed to be left organized and I also left several crochet items ready to ship for the sale I have going on every Friday, so my mother-in-law can mail them out for me.

Anyhow, I haven't found time to download the pictures I took with my camera yet, but here are some I took with my cell phone.

The circus tent room is the classroom my little man is attending with my nephew (only 10 months older) while we are here in Brazil:

Here is my little man and my little toe head nephew checking out a ladybug that was sitting on the sugar cane leaf in my sister's front yard:

I hope to be able to download my pictures and post some here soon, however I will have to fight for the internet... LOL, if anyone is using the desktop computer the WiFi doesn't work which means I can't use the internet on my laptop - hard thing for the Internet addict that I am.


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