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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Elf on the shelf

I should be crocheting right now, I have a big ol' list to fulfill, but I decided to take a little break and show you what our elf "Sam" has been doing this year.  I'd like to add that my son is loving the elf, but oh... it's so much work! Some days I just remember that I have to move the elf and try doing something fun with him when I am headed to bed... but to see my boy excited to find out what the elf is up to is totally worth it.

Sam hung all of our Christmas cards with little clothes pin and ended up hanging himself, too!

Sam being mischievous... put my son's underwear up in the fan and was spinning around. LOL

I think Sam was missing the North Pole, we found him inside of the freezer eating a popsicle. Look at his fancy scarf, too!

Sam eating elf size milk and cookies.

Sam wrote an elf size letter telling my boy to behave and he was so thrilled that he colored 3 pictures to give Sam! (mini cookies were my baby's puffs that I put frosting and sprinkles)

Zip lining in our living room. Woo Hoo!

Sam must watch me crocheting, because he made himself a crochet hat! LOL

Sam feeling artsy, painting a picture. (Found those mini canvas at Joann's for 1.99)

Super Sam flying!

Not feeling too well...

Coloring with his elf sized coloring pencils:

Flying with a balloon!


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