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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Angry Birds

It is raining season here in the state of Washington (ha!), which means I have to be creative or research Pinterest (LOL) for ideas to keep the kids entertained.

So I saw the Angry Birds game, the cans painted like the pigs and then they had a ball painted as the red bird, but I was at the craft store and saw the red bird stuffed animal and decided to buy it instead of painting a ball.

I spray painted the cans green, but honestly, if I had to do it again I would just paint them with the acrylic paint. It was a pain in the rear to spray them and I had to apply several coats and I was silly enough for not realizing that I should have painted one more can to stand on the very top... but at that point I was fed up and thought that 5 cans would have to enough. My little man is happy, so that is all that matters, right?


  1. OMG!!! What an awesome idea!! My son has one of those stuffed Angry Birds, and we have been playing bowling with it using some boring empty soda bottles. This is MUCH better!! Thank you!!


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