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Monday, February 4, 2013

Enjoying {little things} Life

I have been feeling so appreciative. I am grateful for my husband, my kids, the food we eat, our warm house, our families that are always there when we need them, the dry days so we can enjoy being outside, our dog that is always ready to cheer us up, my customers that support my crochet business, our health, our love and the list goes on. 

If you are already a follower of my Facebook page, you probably saw the pictures below, in that case, I apologize, but if you are not, here are some recent pictures I took of simple moments that I hope to never forget.

My almost 4 year old walking our sweet 10 year old Jack Russel Terrier at the park:

White he was practicing stopping and letting the leash go, I noticed he had put his boots in the opposite feet, because now he gets dressed all by himself and that made me smile, it really warmed up my heart, he is growing up so fast, he is so fun, so thoughtful and I wish time would just slow down a bit.

The little lady was happy to grab pebbles, she was picking them up and showing them to me, it was so cute! She was also so happy to walk around and didn't want to be picked up at all, she's so independent and resilient, I love her to pieces! And I love her curls... oh how I love them!

Here is another picture of her... she wants to help so bad in the kitchen {lets see how long that lasts, huh?}, it's the cutest thing! But she was trying to put her boot in the dishwasher when I was cleaning up after dinner the other night. Precious.

Little man loving the quilt I received from a friend. This is my first quilt and I am in love with it!

And here is my favorite snack: vanilla yogurt {low fat} with pomegranate arils and crushed pistachios = Bliss!

I hope you have a wonderful week and can enjoy the little things in life, too!


  1. What a lovely post- your children are adorable! The little moments can be so heartwarming, can't they:)


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