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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lakewold Gardens

Today I took the kids to Lakewold Gardens to meet with a friend and her kids, it was gorgeous outside, totally different than the dreadful day we had yesterday. The sun was shinning on our faces, it was like a great present that put you in a good mood.

My son brought capes for him and his buddy and they instantly became super heroes and were "flying" all around the gardens.

For the little lady there were lots of pebbles picking, dirt sampling and falling on her bootie in the muddy grass! As soon as we got home the kids had to change clothes immediately, they were covered! LOL

And here is another picture if the super heroes, this time looking for bugs... apparently they found half of a caterpillar and the moms weren't too excited to see... hahaha. What's up with boys and bugs?


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