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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Life Happened

Gah... I don't even want to say it, but life happened again and the I feel off the world and haven't had time or sometimes just the energy to blog. I have been SO BUSY!

My crochet work has really picked up, so I use all the time that I am not taking care of the kids, being a wife, doing the house work or cooking to crochet, that's why I have not been blogging often. 


Life is still fun, last Sunday my husband built a tire swing in our backyard and it's a total success! We had friends over for a Brazilian dinner and the kids had a blast playing together and the adults also had a ton of fun chatting.

On Saturday we had a gorgeous day, we drove up North to go to the Brazilian store to get some stuff for the dinner we were having on Sunday. It was a lot of fun! We drank a Brazilian mocha - the difference from a regular mocha is that this one had condensed milk - scrumptious! I had to forget about my diet for a little bit to drink that mocha and eat a couple pastries... LOL


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