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Saturday, February 2, 2013

{Toy} Car Demolition

Well, here I am again! Days go by so quickly - actually I wish it would slow down a little, that when I look at the clock is time to go to bed already, but I am always glad that there is a tomorrow.

We have been crafting, playing, going to the park even if it's cold outside and just enjoying ourselves. I have decided to stop chasing people that don't really put effort into our friendship and just give more attention to the people that do.

Anyways, back to the tittle of this post... LOL

I saw the idea on Pinterest and I must tell you that I had to make all the little cars because my son's hands are not delicate enough yet for this part of the project. You just have to take a piece of aluminum foil, wrap it around a little car to get the shape, then take it out gently. 

The start the tin foil car demolition!

He went through all the tin foil cars super fast compared to how long it took me to make them... LOL


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