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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

My little man turned 4 this month. FOUR! Where did the time go??? I know every mom says the same thing, but I just have to agree, kids grow up so fast before our eyes.

He has his own opinions now, he can dress himself, he is fluent in both Portuguese and English, he is full of energy, he can spell and write his name and he is super sweet and fun. I am really proud to be his mom and I couldn't imagine having a better boy.

This year he wanted a Transformers themed birthday party and it was a lot of fun, however the silly person here forgot to bring my camera's battery... blah! (thank goodness for cell phones to at least capture some images to remember the moment!)


  1. Ahh Happy Birthday to him:) The time goes so quickly- you turn around and they are taller than you!!!


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