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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Solo Trip to New Orleans

{Warning: Picture filled post}

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to go away by myself, on a solo trip, no kids, no husband - because he had to be home to watch the kids, just me. Fortunately I am married to an awesome man, that when I told him that I was feeling I needed some "me" time, he was more than supportive.

I wanted to go to a place I had never been to and I didn't want to stay away for long, I had never left my kids overnight, EVER. So, I was chatting with some online friends from a craft group I belong to and I told them I wanted to go somewhere and one of my friends said, come to New Orleans, I said OK, New Orleans sounds fun, it's perfect and that same day I got online and booked my flight. Yes, it was impulsive like that.

I got up at 3 AM, got dressed, kissed my sleeping children and husband goodbye and I was out of the door at 3:20. My flight left 5:30 AM and I was in Louisiana at 1:30PM, my friend Amy picked up and we were walking the French Quarter by 3PM.

Here are some pictures I took:

Jackson Square/Saint Louis Cathedral:

Jackson Square:

And I ate pralines for the first time and it was so good!

Alligator heads [real heads!] were sold at the French Market for $12.99!

The French Market:

A drink menu and I had the Louisiana Lemonade:

King Cake - and I was taught by the man who sold it, the meaning of the colors and that there was a tiny baby Jesus inside of the cake, but unfortunately the baby wasn't in one of the pieces I bought.

Royal Sonesta Hotel on Bourbon Street, the hotel I stayed at:

Music Legends Park on Bourbon Street, just across the hotel:

These horses were all over town, they were used to tie real horses, said my friend, and they were beautiful.

Me... just sitting on a pretty spot on Bourbon Street:

Mississipi River:

Beautiful art work by the New Orleans Aquarium:

Me eating a Café Du Monde's beignet: AMAZING!

Love the huge oak trees all over the city and the beautiful architecture:

Look at all the beads hanging on the trees, it was so colorful!

Oak trees, the street was between them but they were so big that they touched themselves.

Saint Charles Streetcar and the sculpture of General Robert E. Lee in the background:

I had so much fun, walked so much, saw so many beautiful places, ate good Southern food (grits, jambalaya, muffuletta sandwich, king cake, beignets, gumbo) and drank some traditional drinks (hurricane and hand grenade), talked a lot, slept like a rock, enjoyed the fancy hotel room, flew first class on the way down (so lucky that they were charging the same amount of miles for first class and economy!!!) and now that I am back home, I feel recharged, feel happy and loving and ready to give the best of me to my family.


  1. Oh gosh! what a lovely trip you had!!!! love the photos, I want to go back to New Orleans now!!!!!


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