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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring = busy

Spring has arrived and we have gotten beyond busy, so busy that I rarely find the time to blog, sadly.

Busy giving incentive to my creative little man that asked to write a book. He created a story about a dinosaur, illustrated all the pages and told me what to write. It turned out so cute and I am so very proud of him.

Busy, but always finding time to make something for my kids, like this little dress I made out of a vintage sheet for my sweet pea.

Busy being silly, creating a "yarn tree" and harvesting the yarn from the tree...

Family razor clam digging in the ocean and then eating a fantastic homemade clam chowder...

Busy with soccer practice...

Always enjoying the nice weather in the backyard, as much as we can...

And crocheting like a machine... LOL

Love you guys, even though I am not here super often.


  1. You are wonderful :) Your blogs & photos & patterns make me happy :) Thank you for what you do!


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