Just Be Happy

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I had to keep myself from blogging yesterday because all I had were complaints and I really need to change my attitude and complain less, so I decided I shouldn't blog and today when I woke up I started thinking about yesterday and that I didn't have a lot of reasons to complain, but instead I should write a post about things I am thankful.

So here is my 10 items gratitude list for today.

I am thankful for...

1-  the beautiful weather we are having that allows my kids to play at the park or in the backyard, run and swim.
2- my crochet friend Mel that gave me a big hand writing the stick horse pattern.
3- my customers and sponsors for supporting my business and allowing me to make special things for my kids like signing up my toddler for a Culinary Summer Camp.
4- the Ease to 10K app that is keeping me motivated to achieve the 10K running mark.
5- my friend Karen that signed up for the runs with me.
6- our garden and all the wonderful veggies we have been harvesting.
7- my mother-in-law for coming over at 6:30AM three times a week to watch my kids so my husband and I can exercise together.
8- my husband for being so awesome.
9- coffee, to keep me going when I feel like I am about to fall asleep.
10- health, mine and my family's - I am really grateful for that.

*my munchkins and I*



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