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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hump day, already?

How did the days go by so fast? The last time I blogged was Sunday and I swear I could promise it was like yesterday... I feel like the days have been slipping away and I guess it is because I have been trying to keep the kids (and myself) extra busy so we don't miss my husband so much, or should I say we don't think about him so much. He has been fishing for almost a week and I am stoked that he is coming back home today.

Here are some of the happenings....

This is my Design Wars sneak peek. Can you guess what it is?? The pattern is out with my testers and will be released at the end of this round of Design Wars.

Here are some of the mini photography prop blankets I made. I found vintage sheets at the second hand store and upcycled them by cutting, sewing and then crocheting around the edges. Aren't they sweet??

I also got busy writing the pattern for this doily (which is also being tested) and got busy trying to find a place to buy French Macarons... hehehe! I am glad a friend told me I could find them at the Farmer's Market because they were amazing and I just can't believe I hadn't had them before today!

And busy keeping the kids busy. Little man has been attending a Culinary Summer Camp this week and I stay at the place for the sweet pea to play while he is in class. Ah, we went to the beach (picture below) and found a drift wood teepee. How cool is that?

I almost forgot to mention, but I also ran a 5K Foam Run last Saturday with my friend Karen, it was tons of fun even though I got my right elbow pretty scratched up and took my mother-in0law and kids to ikea on Sunday. Life is sure good and I feel so grateful for everyone I have in my life.


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