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Thursday, August 1, 2013


This morning I was chatting with my friend Karen on facebook and she told me about a new spot in town called Tinkertopia. I clicked on their page and immediately told her: "let's go!"

We got there and asked what the rules were and we learned that we had to choose a bag (small, medium or large) and fill it up with supplies to create whatever our imagination wanted.

Once your bag is full you can choose to pay for it and bring your bag home or you can pay a small fee and use Tinkertopia's studio to create your master piece. We chose to use their studio = no mess to clean at home = yay! 

And here is our master piece! Fun, isn't it? The kids had a BLAST!

Oh, I should mention that we also brought home the bag with the leftover supplies and I am pretty sure we can come up with another creation with the stuff we have. 


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