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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cardboard & Peg Dolls {Homemade Toys}

I swear that almost every morning, soon after he (my little man) pops out of the bed, he asks "can we do a craft?" and I - being a craft lover, almost melt. However, sometimes I am tired, bored of doing the same ole stuff, but I am so thankful for Pinterest and all the amazing craft ideas that are out in the web.

This morning we made cardboard toys and painted peg dolls to go with them.

The shark was the little man's favorite.

I think my favorite is the whale and I particularly like the lady with the white bathing suit and old fashioned cap. 

There were more painted peg dolls, but they were in the hands of a certain little man, he was excited to play with the ones he painted.... so they weren't photographed, but that's fine with me, all I care is that my kids have fun.

I don't think the sweet pea had a favorite, I think she loves them all.

If you are interested in making your own cardboard and peg doll toys, head over to Mr. Printables, that is where I got all the templates from. Mr. Printables is a wonderful resource for kids crafts, I am in love.


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