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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Paint, Nail & Yarn Art

It's Sunday and it is raining, I am starting to think that Fall has already arrived. I love Summer, but Fall is my second favorite season, so I'm happy.

My kids don't really care that it's the weekend, for them it's all the same as far as getting up early, with that in mind I got a few wooden pieces yesterday at Joann's for $0.79 each for us to get crafty.

First we painted. My sweet pea painted the pink one, the little man the one in the middle and I painted the lamb. I re-touched theirs, in case you were wondering. ;)

After the paint was completely dry, which didn't take super long, I asked my husband for a hammer and some nails. He wanted to help, because he wanted to teach our little man the proper way of using a hammer. I was happy to have him involved, it turned out to be a project for our whole family.

Once the boys were doing adding the nails (sweet pea is too little for that), I grabbed some yarn, made a knot to secure it in place and we wrapped around the nails. Little man needed help with this, keeping the yarn tension was hard for him, but he still tried and tried and sat by me watching me work on it.

And here they are, our 3 little finished art pieces:



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