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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Little Things

I have been feeling inspired to cook, clean and craft lately and it feels so wonderful to find joy in the things I choose to do. Crafting really calms me down and oh boy, I need calming down! I am such an anxious person, it's not even funny.
Anyhow, here I have some random pictures of some happy little things that I bought/made recently that I just really wanted to share.

No joke, I am tickled pink every time I get to use my little sheep crochet hook!  I crochet so much and I thought I would give a gift to myself, something that will make me smile is totally worth it, would you agree? *wink* I also gifted myself with some amazingly yummy and beautiful crochet decorated cookies that I custom ordered from Manjar

For my beautiful little lady I made this gorgeous hand stitched bunny, that had me in awe from the minute I saw it (you can get the pattern here), but it took some courage in my part to finally go ahead and purchase the pattern, I was so intimidated by all the hand stitching and it turns out the dress (I used the sewing machine) was harder to make then the whole bunny, however, it was worth it!  I am in love.
The bunny has been put away until next month, when my sweet pea turns two {how is she going to turn 2 already???}

Over the weekend I tested a crochet pattern for A La Sascha for this adorable dragon - my little man is digging it and I also crocheted a little peg doll take along, why not? 

If that wasn't enough in the craft department, yesterday I felt the need to modge podge these adorable blocks, they are animals and you can mix and match them - I purchased the download from the Caravan Shoppe.

Happy Hump Day!


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