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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thursday Picnic

We had a very thick fog here (in Tacoma, Washington - in case you are new to the blog) that lasted over a week. It was so thick that the sun wasn't able to burn it off, I heard lots of people complaining that they thought it was spooky, creepy, this and that... but I personally liked it, I chose to look at it as if it was a cloud, it was kind of fun to think we were living in a big cloud.

We went to the park, nobody was there to play, but we had fun, I brought a rag to wipe down the equipment and the kids had a blast and I felt so proud of myself for thinking of it. ;)) We also had a picnic, grilled cheese sandwiches, pickles and juice - that's all I could come up with quickly... after we were full and happy we walked to the conservatory, a big and beautiful green house that happened to be all decorated for Halloween, the kids fed the fish, looked at beautiful flowers and had fun pointing out the Halloween decorations, what a fun Thursday morning we had. 


  1. I love the foggy look! I really like foggy days, and the fog gives such softness to your photos! looks like you had a blast! hugs!

    1. We really had a great time! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. <3


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