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Sunday, October 27, 2013


Today I took my little man to Seattle on a date. My wonderful husband heard on the radio that Teatro Zinzanni had a new kids show with Recess Monkey and suggested that I took our son on a date and he would watch our sweet pea, I sure love that man, he is an amazing dad and husband.

We had a blast at the show, I had been there a couple of times for their dinner shows, but this was really really fun. After the show we walked to the Seattle Center and ate lunch at the Skillet Counter, looked at the International Fountain and Space Needle and by chance saw they were having a Day of the Dead  Festival, so the little man ended up making a craft.

I feel like we got so lucky, it was cold, but such a  sunny and beautiful day with the yellow, orange and red leaves on the ground. To end our date on a high note, nothing better than a blueberry Space Needle shaped lollipop, right?


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!!!! :D

  2. My kids are no longer little (16 & 10), but I sure wish I could make crocheted clothes. Your kids look ADORABLE in them!!!! Love your blog & your creative work :)

    1. Thank you Sarah for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words. <3


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