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Monday, October 21, 2013

Yarn, beautiful yarn


Last week I received my box of Red Heart Soft yarn and it made me so happy to get all these beautiful colors to work on my design for Design Wars 5. I squeezed in some crochet time on our way to the pumpkin patch and even snuggled under the blanket with my crochet hook when my sweet pea was asleep and the little man was happily watching a movie. Weekends are fun, I love having my husband home and I love spending time with him and the kids, cooking nice meals and going on fun little outings.
I rarely post pictures of our dog here and I don't know why because she is such a sweet dog and we love her. I can't believe she is going to be 11 years old in January, she sure doesn't look like or act likes it, she is still a happy and energetic little dog. So on Sunday while I was sitting in my favorite spot on the couch, she sat by me and I decided to make her that bandana, it was easy and it worked up quickly, I used a free pattern I found on ravelry.


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