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Sunday, November 24, 2013

2 years old

Someone I know turned 2 last week, yes, you guessed right it was my sweet pea. Can you tell me how in the world she is already 2? I feel like I was just pregnant the other day and I certainly haven't lost the pregnancy weight yet... lol

We had her party at the zoo {my house is itty bitty}, in the carousel room and the kids had unlimited carousel rides and they took advantage of that, they loved it!

I like having a theme for birthday parties, so this year her theme was fairies. When I was a little girl, my mom always threw great birthday parties for me and those memories I have I hold very close to my heart since my mom passed away when I was 8 years old, my early childhood birthdays are one of the few memories I have.

Anyhow, back to the fairies... we had fairy coloring pages...

The food had little tags with fairy related words... {by the way, I LOVE French Macarons, so I had to get some for her party!}

The fairy peg dolls I painted had a special place, right on top of the cake.

They also made an appearance on the water bottle labels...

Oh and we had an animal visit, an white African hedgehog! I picked an animal that the kids could touch and it was a huge hit!

And here are some pictures of my sweet pea, most of these I took without her noticing it, just so I can remember her how she is. She is my side kick {if her dad isn't home, she is a daddy's girl}, if I am cooking she is right by me, glued to my legs.

I love watching her sleep, I love her smell, her soft skin, her big brown eyes and her curly hair.

She loves playing with her babies and playing dress up, she loves eating fruit and she giggles every time she passes gas and says "I toot!" 

She has a strong personality, she always says "I do it!" and she wants to try doing everything on her own.

If she sees me with my camera she gives me this face and says "cheeeeese" and right after I snap a picture she goes "see?" and runs close to me to look at the viewfinder. Oh I love my sweet little lady and I thank God every night for giving me the gift of being her mom.

She brightens our days and she makes us smile, she is a happy little girl and she has completed our family. I love her more than I can explain.


  1. Oh, bless this little girl! What a doll! I can tell how much light she brings to you and your family! Tell her Happy Birthday for me!


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