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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Peg Doll Story

A week ago exactly I blogged about my son's peg doll, the peg doll he painted and asked me to sell so he could buy toys for less fortunate kids with the money raised. 
The highest bid was $17 from Missy, but then she messaged me and told me she was going to give $20 because it was a good cause. How neat is that? So that day after school I took my little man shopping for toys, we bought Play-doh, crayons, fun toothbrushes, socks, action figures, etc. I have to add here that we only purchased toys to give, my little boy didn't get any toys for himself, he was a trooper and it made me so proud of him! The bill ended up being $30, but we had decided we were going to fill up five stockings instead of one, so it made sense.
When we got home, we sorted the toys and lined the stockings on the table, got them all packed and ready to go. On Monday he didn't have school and on Tuesday we were busy, but yesterday we managed to visit the local food bank to deliver the stockings and he had a great smile on his face and a sense of accomplishment, my guess is that it felt good in his heart to give.
And the last picture is the picture and the drawing my son made, it was sent to me by Miss T. the generous person that bought the peg doll. I am glad to see that the little peg doll has found a nice spot in her Photography Studio.


  1. Oh that is so lovely! Well done to your lovely boy- I'm sure the stockings will be very much appreciated. It looks like the peg doll is right at home:)


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