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Monday, November 11, 2013

Almost Random

What an awesome weekend we had, lots of crafting with the kids, crocheting (LOTS of it), painting, some baking and we even had family over for dinner. Pretty good, except the little lady's massive tantrums, I could certainly go without those.
I have been treating myself lately to some crochet gadgets, first I got that little sheep hook, then I bought some cute stitch markers and now I went all the way and bought myself a Furls hook, it is so gorgeous that I don't even want to use it... I am not even joking.
That pumpkin bread was delicious, it is gone. All gone. I am going to have to make it again, it is so yummy with a cup of coffee and the kids enjoyed it, too {with milk, not coffee, of course} so if you want to give it a try, the recipe can be found here.
Now, let me tell you about the peg dolls... I wasn't planing on painting this weekend because I have been testing a lot of crochet patterns made by the other Design Wars contestants - that is why I unfortunately can't show you any pictures, but anyhow, we are hosting Thanksgiving and my little man was quite disappointed that we didn't have any decorations, so I decided to paint some pilgrims and Native Americans to solve our "problem" and it turned out that the peg dolls were a great way to tell him the story about thanksgiving, so it was a win-win and of course, since the supplies were all out I had to paint a couple of crocheters, too.
Happy Monday, Happy Veterans Day!


  1. ADORABLE!! My, you had such a busy weekend! And I thought all you did was crochet a bazillion things! Go, YOU!! I love your peg dolls. Seriously cute. And what a fun way to personalize a gift!

  2. Love the peg dolls- they are very imaginative:) You've certainly been busy:)


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