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Thursday, November 7, 2013


I have a heartwarming story to tell you, it's about my 4 year old boy, so here you go:

Last night during bed time, like every night, my son asked me: "what are we going to do tomorrow?" and I always tell him ours plans for the next day, so my answer yesterday was: "I can teach you to paint peg dolls in the morning, after breakfast" and with that he went to bed.
This morning my husband made us pancakes for breakfast before he left for work, he has been working so much that he decided he was at least stay home until the kids got up and make us breakfast, which was 7:30 this morning.
After breakfast, I was cleaning up the kitchen and my son said: "can you teach me to paint peg dolls now?" and how could I not? I grabbed my supplies (and my camera) and we talked about the design. I told him that it would be easier for him to start with a simple design, something not full of details like a superhero. So he settled for a boy with a blue shirt, brown pants and black hair. I drew the outlines with a pencil for him and talked about what brushes to use, taught him to make the eyes with a toothpick and helped with the painters tape, but he painted all of it himself. It was amazing to see him patiently waiting for the paint to dry so I could add the tape for him to paint the pants and then he waited for everything to be dry to paint the buttons in the shirt and it made me giggle that he asked me to paint a pocket in the shirt and the crotch in the pants. Once I varnished it for him, he asked if I could crochet a yellow hat and scarf for his little creation and so I did and you know what else he asked? He asked if I could sell his peg doll, he knows I sell some of the peg dolls I paint and I asked him what would he do with the money if I sold it for him and he said: "I'll buy a toy for a kid that doesn't have money and I will say Happy Thanksgiving!" and it made my heart explode with happiness.
So, I am going to host a little auction in my facebook page and try to sell his peg doll for him and we will go buy little toys to fill out some stockings that are being collected by our local food bank.
I am so glad to see that my little boy is able to give, it's not easy to share when you are that little and it makes me so happy that he is understanding that it feels good in your heart to help, even if it's by giving away a peg doll.

UPDATE: Auction will be held on my Happy Peg page on November 8, 2013 from 9 to 10 am {PST}.


  1. Bless him! He is a lovely, caring boy! I'm sure you'll get a good price for his peg doll- it is really cute in his little hat and scarf. You are doing a great job as a Mum too:)x

  2. You are an awesome mum to teach and example such creativity, thoughtfulness and kindness to your son. Good on you for taking the time and effort to raise your children with such considerations. And super effort for Lucas. You're a top little man. Keep it up. And nice work on the peg doll too.


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