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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life Happenings

I mentioned before that we had a super busy week (Christmas shopping is done, zumba nights, moms night out, play dates, a bazillion crochet orders, etc) and today I am so happy to have a calmer day today, even though I do need to go grocery shopping at some point - at least I do it quickly by leaving the kids at home with my husband. {hehe}

Anyways, the first picture is a centerpiece nativity scene that I made for the MOPS group I belong. I painted the peg dolls, made the little bird house look more rustic by adding some sticks and also made a little manger with the sticks I found in my backyard. The nativity scene is in a cake stand and it has a glass top that I added a star, when the top is on it kinda looks like a snow globe, however I wasn't able to get a good picture with the top on, so you'll just have to trust me. This centerpiece along with the 7 others that are being made by other MOPS moms will be auctioned off after our Christmas brunch. I hope my centerpiece gets a lot of money because MOPS always helps good causes.

This weekend I decorated gingerbread houses with the kids, the kids were like "one candy for the house, two candies for myself"... oh well, they had a lot of fun.

We also played Christmas songs and decorated the Christmas tree, it feels amazing in the house, I wasn't really feeling "Christmasy" but now I am so excited. I also love the fact that my husband made a  fire, it is so nice to have a warm house and watch the flames. I love it.

The two pictures below of my sweet pea coloring her wooden doggy weren't from this week, but I love her chubby hands and wanted to share.

And this is a cable owl hat I made for her. Isn't it lovely? Oh those curls.......

Well, I better go get my groceries and stamps, so I can address the Christmas cards and maybe make some brownies and paint in the afternoon. Cheers!


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