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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weekend and Halloween Recap

It's Sunday afternoon already and it's November. Wow, I feel like this year is going by super fast. Slow down, please. ;-)
We had a great Halloween, this season we carved pumpkins, roasted the pumpkins seeds we collected from our carvings and we went trick or treating with best friends. My boy was dressed as Wolverine and my little girl as Princess Sofia the 1st, they had a blast and so did my husband and I.
On Saturday we went to a birthday party and I thought I'd share a picture of the cute cupcake cake that Luci had. Isn't it adorable? For dinner I revisited a recipe I posted here in the blog back in 2009, I must admit that I love cooking in my old cast iron pan, I don't know why, just one of those things you just love for no particular reason.
This morning we went out shopping for some birthday and craft supplies, I have been planning my sweet pea's 2nd birthday, it's just around the corner and birthday parties are so very important to me, they remind me of my mom, she passed away when I was 8 years old and one of the best memories I have are the birthday parties she always threw for me. After shopping, we picked up gyros for lunch, they kids ended up not being a big fan, so they ate the leftovers from last night, but my husband and I were salivating. Yum!
I'm now working on some orders and enjoying the sunshine coming through the window, what a beautiful Autumn day.


  1. Great pumpkins and halloween outfits! I agree that birthdays are important and I can see how those memories of your Mum would be so special. It's these happy, family special times that imprint on our children's memories. Hope your little one has fun at her partyxx


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