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Monday, December 2, 2013

Cornhusk Dolls

My little man started saying he is *bored* a lot lately, which really bugs me because I feel like there are so many toys, we have a backyard, art and craft supplies, so in my opinion there is no reason for a 4 year old to be bored.
With that in mind, I decided we should make some cornhusk dolls last night {that is why the lighting is so bad, I apologize} with the kids and was trying to explain to them that some kids have no toys, no TV, no electronics or even electricity for that matter and that people get creative to make their own little toys out of unusual materials. 
The little man thought those were great, the sweet pea didn't understand what I was talking about… LOL. I get frustrated sometimes, I hope I am teaching my kids the right thing, it is so darn hard being a parent. *sigh*
Anyhow…. I better get ready for the day, lots of things to do, it is going to be one busy day!

Happy Monday, Happy December! 


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