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Saturday, February 1, 2014

I know I haven't been blogging much, so if you look forward to my posts I apologize, but I honestly don't know if there is anyone reading my rambles (leave a comment so I know you are here!)…. which is ok, I write because I like and I like looking back and remembering how I felt, looking back at the things I did with my kids, etc.
Anyhow, my husband and I were talking the other day and we decided we should start doing some exploration with the kids, going to places that we have never been to, not far away though since we have little kids and they can't stand being in the car for super long rides. Today we went to a park in West Seattle. When we got there my husband said: "so what do you want to do now? do you know where are we going?" and I said: "lets just walk, with no agenda and maybe we will stumble upon the wooden alligator I saw in a picture" and sure enough we did and we had a blast looking at the plants, walking on the water, feeling the soft moss on the trees and most importantly - being together. 
This week I also made dinosaur tails for the kids because I was in the mood for sewing and I crocheted a little,  we also went on a monkeyshine hunt yesterday around town and we had friends over for dinner. Life is good and I feel so blessed, even though there are some hard moments, tears and tantrums. 


  1. That dinosaur tail is fantastic! Did you use a pattern? Sometimes you find the best gems just exploring places you never go to in your own area.

    1. I didn't use a pattern for the dinosaur tail, I just winged it, so I am glad it turned out like it did!

  2. Yes, we are here. :-)
    You should be comfortable about writing when you want and skipping it when you don't feel like posting. It is your blog after all! But it's good to hear from you now and then.
    Love that dinosaur tail, btw!

  3. I'm here and enjoy reading your posts. The dinosaur tail is fabulous!! Glad yo had a good time.xx

  4. Love the colors of the piece you are crocheting! oh, and pardon my ignorance, what is Monkeyshine (I admit, I had to do a double take because at first I read moonshine! dumb me! lol)


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