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Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Wish List

Instead of making a bucket list, I thought I'd call it a wish list, that way it doesn't make me feel like the end will come… lol
Anyhow, I have been writing down things I want to do and places I want to visit and decided to share my list with you, I hope it inspires you to have some fun this Summer, too!

Note: I numbered my list just to know how many items I had written down, but it doesn't mean one is more important than the other.

1- Camp or at least visit Fort Stevens, Oregon. 
2- Bring the kids to the bug museum in Bremerton, WA
3- Fly a kite 
4- Tour Theo's Chocolate Factory in Seattle
5- Install a hammock in the backyard 
6- Knit a sweater for my little girl
7- Eat at Maximus / Minimus 
8- Plant herbs 
9- Run a 5K
10- Crochet a fox and bunny for the kids
11- Make ice cream from scratch 
12- Have a BBQ for the family 
13- Paint frames for my bedroom 
14- Visit Kopachuck State Park 
15- Make American Flag t-shirts with the kids for 4th of July 
16- Have a watergun "fight" with the kids 
17- Make otter pops
18- Blow glow in the dark bubbles with the kids
19- Make flowers from tissue paper to decorate my sweet pea's room 
20- Play in a bubble 
21- Go to Bella Bella Beach in Fox Island and look for claybabies 
22- Visit the lighthouse at the Discovery Park in Seattle.
23- Bring the kids to see the Fremont Troll in Seattle 
24- Go to an outdoor concert 
25- Build a sand castle with the kids 
26 - Make a Summer wreath 
27- Make a water blob 
28- Make a flower crown for my sweet pea 


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