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Saturday, June 7, 2014

No more WIPs

It's exciting to be able to say I don't have any more works in progress because having unfinished projects stress me out, I know it might sound silly but unfortunately it's true.
Anyhow, this week I finished the granny stripe blanket and I made it all in half double crochet and I used Red Heart Soft in several colors and I also finished this sweet red riding hood cape for my little princess, I also used Red Heart Soft and the color is cherry. I didn't use a pattern for these projects, but I do sell the red riding hood pattern, but only in newborn size, in case you are interested you can find it here.
Now I feel free to start something new… go figure. ;)


  1. Envious of you! I have so many WIPs that I feel guilty everytime I see some appealing new patterns to try. The Red Hood is really beautiful! The model also is. :-)
    Hugs xx


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