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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Small projects

It's Summer, which means busy!  Keeping the kids occupied and trying to get things done around the house while the weather is nice is not an easy task, so I have been working on small projects, quick and  still give me the satisfaction of getting something completed.

These dog socks I made just for fun, I love our dog so much and I thought she would look adorable wearing them.

Apple cozies for my son's kindergarten teacher. Gotta start getting ready for that, right?

I am going to work on the pattern for these two finger puppets as soon as I can. Aren't they adorable??

Wine topper...

A pair of slippers for my sweet pea...

This yarn "laser" is not crocheted, but it was such a big hit with my boy:

And how about our stick "tee pee" that was secured in place with a long crochet chain? ;)

 I also made a new robot hat for my little guy. Pattern here.


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