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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Chain Headband Tutorial

This is an easy peasy headband that I made for my sweet pea and after some requests, I decided to write a quick tutorial to show you how I made it.

- A small amount of Worsted Weight or DK Weight yarn
- Crochet Hook 3.5mm
- 7/8" ribbon (I used an organdy ribbon I already had on hand, but you can use any kind)
- Hot glue 
- Scissors
- Tape (optional)

Make five chains with 65 stitches each.  Tape them together, making sure they are not twisted.

Turn it around (you don't want to glue the tape!) and apply some hot glue.

Add a 3 inch piece of ribbon, make sure the ribbon is NOT centered, like in the picture bellow.

Remove the tape, apply hot glue and add a 14" piece of ribbon - that is what you will use to tie your headband.

Apply a little more hot glue and secure the chains and long piece of ribbon by closing up the 3" of ribbon.

That's it, this is what your headband should look like:

And here you can see the headband in use. Enjoy!


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