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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Life's Little Moments

So I was thinking the other day about the things I used to do with my boy and noticed that I haven't been taking the time to explore with my girl. Well, I decided to change that. :-)
On Sunday we had some friends over to watch the football game, after they left we went on a short little hike, it was just so fun. It felt so great to breath in the fresh cool air and to pay attention to the Winter foliage, the mushrooms, etc.
The on Monday, we enjoyed the day off (MLK Day) and went to the beach. It was relatively warm, the sun was out, it was simply beautiful! The kids were looking for shells, clay babies and interesting rocks. I was happy just watching them, soaking up these precious moments. 
When we got home we made a little tic-tac-toe kit using the rocks we collected, it has been fun playing with it. Life is good, I need to remind myself to appreciate more and complain less.
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  1. How wonderful the memories you are making with your family. So very important. Thanks for the reminder.

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