Just Be Happy

Sunday, February 7, 2016


(Help my tomy hrts = Help, my tummy hurts)

 It has been rough week for the Just Be Happy household. The kids both got a stomach bug and it has been brutal. Little man got sick on Thursday night and was up until 4 AM puking his guts out, my sweet pea got the bug the next night. What a sad sight for me, when my kids get sick, I always wish I could take away their pain, it just breaks my heart. If you're a parent, I am sure you get what I am talking about.

In the midst of all of that, I noticed love though and compassion. My sweet pea drew a card for her brother and even used her favorite band-aid, she also brought toys and put them on the couch to comfort her brother, it was really the most adorable thing.

Today we are just hanging out at home, staying away from everyone and hoping tomorrow is a brand new day. Cheers!


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