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Sunday, November 17, 2019

A very happy birthday!

My sweet little girl turned 8 and to celebrate she had three friends over for a slumber party. She didn't ask for much, all she wanted was a cake with marshmallow fondant made by her dad, she didn't care what the cake looked like as long as it had fondant. She also asked for blue jello - why? I don't know... lol

I decided to make A-frame tents for the girls to sleep. My awesome husband cut and drilled the wood for me, there are some amazing instructions with all the measurements here. I got thrifty and went to the Goodwill to purchase white lace curtains, which saved me not only money but time also, since the curtains are hemmed and I just had to put them through the wooden dowels.

The adorable dolls and the little house lights are from Target. The sleeping masks were super easy and quick to make, I used this pattern. The fleece blankets were 75% off at Ride Aid after Halloween, so I only paid $2 for each.

The girls made their own pizza for dinner, then they ate the cake! For the toppers, I painted the animals I bought at Michael's with acrylic paint, added some trim and made some paper hats using cardstock in a variety of colors, mini pompoms and hot glue.

After playing lots of games, they settled for the night with a movie. Fun!

 It was a very happy birthday, indeed!


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